A Look Inside Our Home

How this all started

Bunk Build

Take a look inside our home and see how we fit a family of 7 inside a 26ft travel trailer with no slides!
Let's go back and take a look at how we got started fulltime traveling and answer some questions.
My Handy Hippie Hubby explaining the build of our children's bunk beds!

RV organization and space saving ideas!

Clothing storage for a big family traveling in an RV

The True Story of how our Tragedy became a Triumph
Some of the ways in which we made the most of our storage space and how we manage clutter in our RV.
My handy hippie hubby explains how we set up our children's clothing shelves and store their clothes.

Puppy's First Time at the Beach

RV Washer and Dryer Install

Meet Our Children

An explanation of how we installed a washer and dryer in our RV!
We hit up Virginia Beach and it was our pup's first time at the ocean! She LOVES the beach!
Meet my traveling family and hear about our favorite parts of living on the road and favorite places we've been!

How we extended the countertop in our RV

Gas to Electric Conversion

What Christmas looks like in our trailer

This video explains how we removed our propane stove and use only electric for cooking.
This video explains how we extended the countertop in our RV, creating more space to prepare food, work and store items.
This video shows how we decorate for Christmas in our tiny living space
and explains how we limit the number of gifts we give each other.

Food Storage for a Big Family in Tiny Space

A Clip that will put a Smile on your Face

The World's Largest Peanut

This video gives an explanation of how we store food for a big family in our smaller trailer.
Big sister wrote a play and is directing the little ones on their roles!
Here we are at the world's largest peanut in Ashburn, Georgia!

Life's a Beach!

Future Plans

Peanuts around
Dothan, Alabama

Making sand angels at Panama City Beach, Florida!
Being at the halfway point of our travels, we've made plans to remodel our trailer.
We made a game out of finding all the peanuts in Dothan, Alabama!

The Beginning Stages of our new Remodel

A look at our new rebuild

This is the finished project of the bed my handy hippie hubby built in our RV.
My handy hippie hubby explains the beginning stages of our new remodel.