Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make money on the road?

My husband is a traveling nurse and takes a new assignment every three months at a location of his choice. My recently published book, RV Wreck, provides an additional income.

How much money do we save by RV living?

If we plan carefully, we save a lot of money. Most campgrounds offer monthly rates and include utilities, so we typically pay less then half for rent and utilities than we did in our rental house. Also, we make it a point to primarily do low cost or free activities in order to save the most money.

How do we school our children on the road?

We use a packaged homeschool curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications. The older two children do the majority of their work on the computer and I help them as needed. This frees up my time to work with the next youngest two on their reading, writing and math.

How do our children socialize?

Since we’ve started fulltime RV living, we have found that a lot of families live like this. Before we started RVing, we had planned play dates a few times a month, but since we hit the road, the kids play with the other kids in the campground almost every day. They spend more time with friends now than we ever did before. Also, since we have three month assignments in our location, we pick up on the local church and library events where we’re staying.

How do we get mail on the road?

We are members of Escapees RV Club. They provide us with an address that we use as a home address. Our mail is sent to Escapees and then they send it to us by general delivery to the local post office (or to a home address) when we request it.